Virtual Reality Paint

In this project, we created a Virtual Reality based android application having a virtual world canvas for the user to draw 360° images. This application provides an immersive drawing experience for the artists. The user can save projects into the local storage or load them and modify these projects using the application.

The application is a Virtual Reality (VR) application that runs on all Google Cardboard supported android devices. The artist can use a controller to draw figures, lines, curves as per their wish. They are also able to view previously created images in the virtual window. In order to take complete advantage of the virtual reality environment, we have also added Game Mode functionality. In game mode, the users are able to move around in the game environment and look at their drawing from different perspective to get an idea about how their drawing will look in a 3-Dimensional world and for fun can also shoot laser with the hold of a button with some realistic sound effects.