Principal’s Message

Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC) has a vision to provide excellent engineering education within our country. KEC is committed to imparting quality technical education for the development of our community and country. We take great care in the recruitment of qualified teachers and staff. We are also continuously refining our academic approaches, its effectiveness and efficiency through regular workshops, seminars and trainings.

We have always considered our graduates as our goodwill ambassadors, some of whom have proudly established themselves in our local industry creating opportunities for employment within the country. Others have been absorbed in leading local and international ICT and construction companies. We are also very proud that our graduates have received academic scholarships at prestigious universities around the world; and very thankful to these institutions for accepting our graduates and truly recognizing KEC.

We always look upon our KECians as a well educated, wise, compassionate, humane and competent professionals who can bring about changes in our community. We need information and knowledge to be educated but we must know the true meaning of education. Intellectual education influences the head and the value-based education influences the heart. We believe a true education is training both head and the heart.

Associate Prof. Ar. Chand S. Rana
KEC, Kalimati