Science And Humanities


The department handles the teaching of general subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Nepali, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Method as per the syllabus provided by the IOE.

  • Subjects like Physics and Chemistry are taught through a practical approach to get students well acquainted with the equipment
  • Tutorial classes are conducted for each subject
  • Alternate day test are specified for the students
  • Extra remedial classes are provided for students who need extra effort
  • An on-line attendance provision is managed and regularly updated. This ensures that parents/guardians are alerted of the students’ regularity in each class.
  • Regular interaction with students by department and subject teacher
  • Conduct the ‘Closed-camp’ program after the course completed in each semester

HOD Note

Welcome to Kathmandu Engineering College, Department of Science and Humanities. Science and Humanities Department is the pillar of all Engineering educational process, is efficiently supporting the Engineering Departments by providing high quality of teaching in basic sciences.

The courses of Science and Humanities department covers nearly one fourth of the engineering curriculum. So each subject of this department plays the vital role in all engineering papers of each Engineering Departments. The purpose of inducing the subjects of Science and Humanities in engineering study is to lay a well-built foundation of basic concepts for various engineering disciplines. So the department acts as a fertilizer to develop the practical approach to explore hidden talents, personality and communication skills of the students to fulfill the need of budding technocrats. The department has well equipped lab for Physics, Chemistry and Communication English, dedicated classroom and other required facilities. The teaching learning strategies based on Lectures, Tutorials and Practical’s according to the nature of curriculum. The department has energetic, well-qualified and dedicated faculty members. The subjects taught by teachers of this department are of prime importance for all round growth and development of students. Teachers are always ready to guide their students whenever they are being approached. The prime focus of the department is to provide a conceptual base in basic sciences that acts as a platform for students to leap into their core engineering courses. Our department believes that in engineering education it is necessities that attendance, assignment and alternate day test (ADT) are smoothly run to provide quality education and then makes qualified and responsible engineer. So the departments strickily focus on attendance, assignment and alternate day test. The department organizes Guest Lecturers to inspire and motivate the students thus helping them not only in academic but in their all round development.

Finally, the mission of the department is producing the top quality education and to conduct leading-edges programs. To this end we strive for excellence in teaching, training and carrier building.

Mr. Subash Pokhrel

Department of Science and Humanities