Electrical Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering has had a huge impact on the technologies that define modern-day life and society. We are proud of the depth of analytical treatment, and the specialized optional subjects we offer within our program here at KEC. We have more than 20 professional faculties— including visiting professors form IOE. We see educating the next generation of engineers as our key role, and our graduates are highly-valued by industry and commerce around the world. We are committed to our students, helping them learn, grow, develop and ultimately achieve their goals, whether it is by becoming a professor, an entrepreneur, or by joining industry.

Mission Statement

The mission of the department of electrical engineering is to promote technical excellence in Electrical Engineering by offering programs to produce engineers with dynamic, well-rounded personalities, adaptable to ever-increasing demands of emerging technologies involving analytical and practical skills. We are commitment to research and development. We provide the knowledge and principles on which electrical engineering is founded in order to produce engineering graduates who are technically competent, creative, and articulate.

What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering is concerned with the design, research, development, planning, manufacturing and management of electrical systems and devices which are required to facilitate the needs of modern, developed societies. Electrical engineers design, develop and supervise the manufacturing of electrical systems and devices. Particularly, they focus on the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, their control and protection system. Electrical engineers are also concerned with the utilization of electrical power in various areas such as industrial application, communication systems, information technology systems and building electrification, among others.

Why Choose Electrical Engineering at KEC?

KEC’s Department of Electrical Engineering has been established to cater to the rising demand for Engineers to work in the area of power systems, renewable energy technology and industrial applicants. Besides an excellent faculty and staff, the department has well-equipped laboratories to train the student in these areas. It also has a training and consultancy unit, a Robotics Club and academic project rooms to strengthen all extra activities. Those interested in working in the above-mentioned areas must choose Electrical Engineering at KEC.

Is Electrical Engineering for you?

If you are interested in any of the following area, then you may enjoy a career in Electrical Engineering:

  • Working with Power generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Deal with machines and Control Systems
  • Making things work electrically
  • Working with Alternative and Renewable energy

Career outcomes

Studying Electrical Engineering will lead you to potential careers in the power industry, manufacturing industry, renewable energy sector and communication sector, among others. One may also build up his/her career in selfestablished employment in the above areas.

Working Environment

The overall work environment at KEC affects the quality of education as well as the quality of employee performance here. The involvement of the highly professional teaching experts and the availability of ample resources contribute to the excellent working environment in this department. Additionally, experts from different fields are periodically invited to share their knowledge with students through talk programs, seminars and other programs. The department and the college are both committed to creating a good working environment.


The department is fully equipped with all the resources and materials it needs to impart quality education. We are proud to mention that we have well-equipped laboratory set ups, unparalleled by any similar setup found in other institutions. The library holds sufficient books relating to course material and many others that will foster professional enhancement.


Frequent field visits to power stations, manufacturing, and other industries are regularly conducted by the department, and the students compulsorily participate in these visits, present field reports as part of their assignments. Students are made to participate in semester projects, and at the end of each semester, they demonstrate and present their projects. Students have, over the years, also participated in a number of other activities, like the development wind turbine and the establishment of Energy Study Center, among others.

Appreciable Project

A team Electrical Engineering students from KEC developed a 1 KW wind turbine which has drawn the attention of different energy experts, organizations and the media. This, we think, is a small but firm step towards the development of the renewable energy technology in the country.

List of Electives

  • Electric Energy System Management
  • Rural Electrification
  • Neural Networks
  • Micro-Hydro Power
  • Advanced Power System
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Applied Photovoltaic Engineering
  • Wind Energy Conversion System Laboratory Works on
  • Electric Circuit Lab
  • Electric Machines Lab
  • Instrumentations and Control system lab
  • Switchgear and Protection lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electric Drives Lab
  • Power Plant Equipments Lab

HOD Note

Education in the twenty first century should have a sharp focus on developing mindfulness in students that makes them competent to act upon the changing fabric of society. As technology has been the driving factor of change in present societies, our education will be durable and practical if and only if it can move in tandem with the advancements of science and technology.

In this pursuit of making globally competent engineers, we expose our students to in depth theoretical background along with related practical programs. We have sound labs on Power plant equipment, Switchgear and Protection, Electrical Circuits and Control systems and so on. Our unique learning environment develops students’ intellectual and personal capacities, creating a vibrant community of young enthusiastic people who are ready to trend new paths into global perspective. We help our students distinguish themselves with intellectual rigor, innovation resourcefulness
with the spirit of initiative. Our graduates are articulate, confident, motivated achievers, who are committed towards contributing to the
betterment of the country.

Last but not the least, we do not leave any stones unturned to inspire our students to independently formulate their opinion on every matter that concerns. We help students to lift oneself up from a state of real consciousness to potential consciousness, in other words we help to liberate fresh minds.

I once again welcome you to be a member of our Electrical family.

Er. Jayaiswer Man Pradhan
Department of Electrical Engineering
e-Mail: jayaiswer.pradhan@keckist.edu.np

Semester Topper’s Quote

Academics is not everything! You always need an environment to enhance beyond our abilities as a person. A person can’t achieve success unless you accept who you are and to do so you must be enlightened by capable hands, like the ones I received at KEC. There are a series of contributing factors which have helped me achieve a “Topper’s Title”. It involves the perpetual hardships of our professors, the regular routine of examinations and assessments. They literally helped me to ready myself for what was imminent.

Nothing can be achieved overnight. You should have a strategy towards studies. Your brain is like a machine. You need to work on it in regular basis and become honest with yourself. Above all, family is the most important part of anyone’s life. My family has been the philosophers of eminence to me. Thus, the key is to maintain a balance between your daily study routine your enthusiasm and your identity. Always be yourself!

Ayush Acharya

Engineer, that’s the word that I aspire to be, that’s the word I hope someday people will know me as, which will be fulfilled after some months. It seems like I am honored to be a part of KEC. To cherish the past and forward steps with fresh hope, to believe in unanimous efforts and dedication, to enjoy and solve the problems and workout for its solution to accept the life as a roller coaster are all those with which I am blessed when I got to learn them from the supporting ambience created by all the staffs and teachers over here.

For me KEC is the best choice for building the glorious future with its spectacular faculty. The college has not only helped me import excellent academic education but has also taught me the value of professionalism. Teachers at KEC guide us through the process of learning and implementing them in practices purposes. So, step forward to make good decision on selecting KEC and hug the ample opportunities store over here.

Mahendra Kumar Das


Electrical Engineering Curriculum

1st Year / Part 2nd Year / Part 3rd Year / Part 4th Year / Part
1.1 Engineering Mathematics I
Computer Programming
Engineering Drawing I
Engineering Physics
Applied Mechanics
Basic Electrical Engineering
2.1 Mathematics III
Computer Programming II
Electric Circuit II
Semiconductor Devices
Logic Circuits
Mechanics & Properties of Solid
3.1 Numerical Methods
Communication II (English)
Electrical Machines II
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics& Heat
Power System Analysis
Control System
4.1 Project Engineering
Organization & Management
Power Plant Equipments
Power Electronics
Electric Drives
Safety Engineering
Elective I
1.2 Engineering Mathematics II
Engineering Drawing II
Basic Electronics Engineering
Engineering Chemistry
Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Workshop Technology
2.2 Applied Mathematics
Electronics Circuits I
Instrumentation I
Electrical Machines I
3.2 Engineering Economics
Probability and Statistics
Power System Control & Prot.
Digital Control System
Industrial Electrification
Power Plant Design
4.2 Engineering Profession & Practice
Technology Environment & Society
Instrumentation II
Transmission & Distribution
High Voltage Engineering
Elective II