What is Architecture?

Architecture, as such, is the art and science of creating livable spaces. Architecture involves the general process of conceptualization, drawing generation, structural consideration, detailed estimate and construction to realize an ultimate physical form. Architecture encompasses a broad array of allied applications as in conservation, planning, interior and landscape designing, product and furniture designing, construction and event management etc. Architecture is thus an interdisciplinary field that blurs the conventional boundary between Science, Art and Management. As per need, knowledge, technology and time, Architecture has been continuously evolving.

Is Architecture for you?

Architecture attracts the most creative minds in the world. It is the most diverse and fun-filled subject you can find. Essentially, the following basic aptitude ensures you a better career in architecture:

  • Imaginative, Creative yet Logical Mindset
  • Capacity of Verbal and Graphic Expression
  • Zeal for Art, Drawing and Design

Career Opportunities

Architecture, in today’s context, is one of the most sought after fields locally, regionally and globally. A degree in architecture ensures a wide range of career options in private and government offices, planning and conservation projects, housing and real estate, interior design, commercial, institutional and industrial establishments, along with opportunities in research work. The job of an Architect is most pleasing as she/ he “create places” to ensure people live in a better way than before.

Why choose Architecture at KEC?

The Department of Architecture at KEC has been attracting exceptional students from around Nepal because of its distinguished reputation and commitment towards excellence. The department is run by a team of educators, scholars and professional architects who value excellence in teaching, research and knowledge dissemination.

The intellectually inspiring academic environment, well up-to-standard infrastructure, and the meticulous course work prepare students for competitive work environments all over the world. With progressive academic records and a record of 100% job placements, Architecture at KEC is definitely the ultimate choice.

Academic Environment

  • Well qualified, competent, experienced, cooperative and highly motivated faculty members
  • Sound teaching and learning environment with an amiable relationship amongst teachers and students
  • Close monitoring of individual’s performance
  • Regular workshops/seminars/ lectures from celebrated professionals from Nepal and abroad for enhancing students’ exposure
  • Field visits, educational tours, research-based studies and real-life-based design problems


  • Well equipped Classrooms and dedicated Design Studios
  • Use of LCD/Multimedia for lectures, presentations and demonstrations
  • Computer Lab facility, High speed LAN Internet
  • Reference section within the Department


  • Annual Asian Paints Architecture Student Award
  • Convention of the National Association of Students of Architecture, India
  • Architectural Exhibition, KEC
  • Design Competition by HABITAT for HUMANITY
  • Internship in selected foreign countries
  • Seminars and workshops organized by professional societies, academic institutions, commercial and manufacturing companies
  • Inter/ Intra College Design Competitions/Sports Competitions
  • Exhibitions, Cultural Performances/ Social Awareness Activities

HOD Note

Excellent academic performance is the culture of The Department of Architecture at KEC. Our Department emphasizes on education through diverse experiences which include learning through creating, cooperative research and extensive group works. We are a team of committed teachers and enthusiastic students with a common passion of Architecture. The Department of Architecture at KEC is an intellectually inspiring academic environment with enhanced teaching learning techniques. The teachers here put an undivided attention to individual’s performance and progress. Likewise, our students are well receptive and “smart” learners. Within the established academic format, we ensure that we provide an Architectural Education which is positively evolving to suit the contemporary demands. Architecture at KEC is committed towards an all rounded growth of our students. We help them develop the qualities of innovation, good communication, time management and positive outlook. Also, we ensure good practical exposure and access to information to contextually upgrade their knowledge and skills. Likewise, a semester long architectural internship ensures an early association with the professional practice. Moreover, an opportunity of pursuing a design thesis augments their research capacity and design abilities.

We, at the Department of Architecture, have been successful in installing in our students the merits of persistence, good networking and continuous
self-appraisal. An ethical conduct, continuously remarkable performance and skills of good team work have thus been ensuring a record of 100%
job placement and very successful careers for our students.

We understand that our national priority today is of reconstruction and we are ardently teaching and training our students for the same. We are naturally aligned to the local job market by producing suitably qualified and skilled professionals. The Department of Architecture at KEC has thus evolved into an acclaimed leader in producing intellectual human resource who are contributing by positively changing our built environment.

Ar. Kailash Shrestha
Associate Professor
Department of Architecture

Architecture curriculum

1st Year / Part 2nd Year / Part 3rd Year / Part 4th Year / Part 5th Year / Part
1.1 Engineering Mathematics I
Applied Mechanics
Basic Design I
Introduction to Architecture
Building Materials I
Drafting I
Free hand Sketching I
2.1 Design Studio III
Theory I
Building Materials II
Building Science II
Freehand Sketch II
Building Construction II
History of Western Architecture
Structures I
3.1 Design Studio V
Theory III
Building Services II
Building Construction IV
History of Nepalese Architecture
Structure III
Survey II
4.1 Practicum 5.1 Design Studio VIII
Building Construction V
Construction Management
Directed Studies
Structure V
1.2 Engineering Mathematics II
Drafting II
Basic Design II
Free Hand Sketching I
Art and Graphics II
Building Construction I
Basic Skill Workshop
2.2 Design studio IV
Theory II
Building Service I
Building Construction III
History of Eastern Architecture
Structure II
Survey I
3.2 Sociology/Economics
Design Studio VI
Working Drawings
History of Modern Architecture & Human Settlement Planning I (Urban)
4.2 Design Studio VII
Building Science III
Architecture Conservation
Human Settlement Planning II (Rural)
Computer Aided Design
Structure IV
Communications I
5.2 Thesis
Professional Practice