What is Architecture?

Architecture shapes our lives. Architecture, as such, is the art of creating and the science of constructing the built environment. Architecture involves the general process of conceptualization, drawing generation, structural consideration, detailed estimate and construction to achieve an ultimate physical form. Architecture comprises a broad array of associated applications as in conservation, planning, interior and landscape designing, product and furniture designing, construction management etc. Architecture is thus an interdisciplinary field that surpasses the conventional boundary between Science, Art and Management. Architecture, in today’s context, is the most essential tool for nation building.

Is Architecture for you?

Architecture attracts the most creative minds in the world. It is the most diverse and fun-filled subject you can find. Essentially, the following basic aptitude ensures you a better career in architecture:

  • Imaginative, Creative yet Logical Mindset
  • Capacity of Verbal and Graphic Expression
  • Zeal for Art, Drawing and Design

Career Opportunities

Our country is in urgent need of technical manpower for achieving the national priority of reconstruction. We are in a need of trained architects to build safe, strong and comfortable buildings and sustainable infrastructure. Architects can choose from a wide range of career options: in private and government agencies, planning and conservation projects, housing and real estate, interior design, commercial, institutional and industrial establishments.

Why choose Architecture at KEC?

The Department of Architecture at KEC has been delivering the best academic records amongst all architectural colleges of Nepal. Each year, we attract exceptional students from all around Nepal and hone them into socially responsible professionals. The department is run by a variegated team of educators, scholars and professional architects who value excellence in teaching, research and knowledge dissemination. The inspiring academic environment, well to standards infrastructure and the meticulous course works make the students competitive enough to work anywhere in the world. Each year our alumnae get placed into the top colleges and Universities of the world for postgraduate studies. With the record of 100% job placements and continued academic excellence, Architecture at KEC is definitely the ultimate choice.

Academic Environment

  • Well qualified, competent, experienced, cooperative and highly motivated faculty members
  • Sound teaching and learning environment with an amiable relationship amongst teachers and students
  • Close monitoring of individual’s performance
  • Regular workshops/seminars/ lectures from celebrated professionals from Nepal and abroad for enhancing students’ exposure
  • Field visits, educational tours, research-based studies and real-life-based design problems


  • Well equipped Classrooms and dedicated Design Studios
  • Use of LCD/Multimedia for lectures, presentations and demonstrations
  • Computer Lab facility, High speed LAN Internet
  • Reference section within the Department


  • Annual Asian Paints Architecture Student Award
  • Convention of the National Association of Students of Architecture, India
  • Architectural Exhibition, KEC
  • Design Competition by HABITAT for HUMANITY
  • Internship in selected foreign countries
  • Seminars and workshops organized by professional societies, academic institutions, commercial and manufacturing companies
  • Inter/ Intra College Design Competitions/Sports Competitions
  • Exhibitions, Cultural Performances/ Social Awareness Activities

HOD Note

Department of Architecture at KEC has a wonderful teaching learning environment. The department emphasizes on education not only through fundamental classes but also through various activities including learning through interactions, presentations, analytical researches and extensive group works.

The department is always committed towards overall development of our students. We encourage and support our students to participate in various design competitions and events to explore their talents and innovations. The department has an energetic students’ body, Association of KEC Architecture (AKAR) which organizes various programs in association with the department.

Our graduates are working in various national as well as international organizations . They are not only getting hundred percent employment but also have successfully occupied various important positions within and outside the country. Moreover, many of our students have got the opportunity to pursue their higher education in various prestigious international universities. One of the major aspects of our education system Department of architecture is to focus towards the social responsibility, addressing the local context and supporting our national priority of reconstruction. The Department has been dedicated to producing capable and qualified architects who are contributing in developing our society.

Ar. Kailash Shrestha
B.Arch., Master’s Program Infrastructure Planning, Germany
HOD / Associate Prof.
Department of Architecture

Architecture curriculum

1st Year / Part 2nd Year / Part 3rd Year / Part 4th Year / Part 5th Year / Part
1.1 SH 404 Engineering Mathematics I

CE 402 Applied Mechanics

AR 401 Basic Design I

AR 402 Introduction to Architecture

AR 403 Building Material I

AR 404 Drafting I

AR 405 Free Hand Sketching I
2.1 AR 504 Building Construction II

AR 503 Building Materials II

AR 506 Building Science I

AR 501 Design Studio III

AR 502 History of Architecture I

CE 507 Structure I

AR 505 Design Theory I
3.1 AR 604 Building Construction IV

CE 607 Building Service I

EE 604 Building Service II

AR 601 Design Studio V

AR 602 Contemporary Architecture

AR 603 Computer Aided Design and

AR 605 Working Drawing
4.1 AR 701 Practicum 5.1 AR 801 Seminar and Directed Studies

AR 802 Design Studio VIII

AR 803 Landscape Deisgn and
Site Planning

AR 825 Elective II

AR 805 Professional Practice

AR 806 Thesis Proposal
1.2 SH 454 Engineering Mathematics II

AR 451 Drafting II

AR 452 Basic Design II

AR 453 Arts and Graphics

AR 454 Building Construction I

AR 455 Free Hand Sketching II

CE 452 Basic Skill Workshop
2.2 AR 554 Building Construction III

AR 555 Design Thoery II

AR 551 Design Studio IV

AR 552 History of Architecture II

CE 557 Structure II

CE 558 Surveying
3.2 AR 651 Design Studio VI

CE 659 Estimating Costing

AR 652 Urban Settlement Planning

CE 657 Structure III

SH 652 Sociology

SH 653 Building Economics

CE 658 Specifications

AR 653 Building Science II
4.2 AR 751 Architectural Conservation

AR 752 Design Studio VII

AR 753 Construction Management

SH 754 Communications

AR 765 Elective I

CE 761 Structure IV

ME 760 Building Services III
5.2 AR 851 Thesis